Thursday, September 8, 2011

New York, New Work.

So in the middle of July I was lucky enough to find myself in New York. I was even luckier that the weather was quite mild for this time of year. And even luckier then that I was out there to shoot for All Americans, Bruce Weber's Journal.

Almost like being in HB except that they are holding a banner instead of writing it on their bodies..

As we wandered around the new World Trade Center we happened upon Jeff Koon's Red Balloon Flower sculpture.


Anonymous said...

If you do a face you will get all pictures from my trip to Marseille Lyon and Prague with 24 hours of expiration date with words.

RVCA Deanna Templeton said...


Glenn Zucman said...

Hello Deanna, congratulations on all the beautiful work, the exhibitions, and the book!

I teach art at California State University, Long Beach. This term my students are forming groups of 3 and using a 3D Virtual World to create Virtual Art Galleries for a number of individual artists.

The students will create both an architecture (or un-architecture) for the gallery, and also work with the artist to curate a compelling and insightful exhibition of their work.

We would very much like to have you be one of our artists for Fall 2011!

The commitment from you should be minimal. We'd like for them to have one meeting with you. We'll have them do some research before the meeting so they aren't taking up your time on overly basic questions, but we would like them to spend an hour or so with you so they can develop an understanding of your work and your ideas. This, and permission to exhibit your work, are the main things we are asking from you.

After meeting with you, the student curators will sketch out some ideas for your gallery. They'll discuss their ideas with the course staff, and if you're able, we'd love for them to discuss the exhibition plans with you as well.

Note that we have 2 sections of this course, and would like to have a team from each section work with you, so there would be 2 independent, different galleries created. We will give you 3D copies of both galleries and also 2D photos of them. You can also get a free account to see the gallery on our 3D "Virtual CSULB" Island. If you like, we can prepare an avatar for you that looks however you desire.

1. The initial meeting with you would be sometime in the week of Sept 19 - 24.
2. Exhibition proposals will be discussed the following week.
3. The galleries will be built mostly during the 1st half of October.
4. We'll have a total of 36 galleries and 9 weekly openings featuring 4 artists / galleries each week, starting October 18 and concluding December 15.

Please let me know if you are interested in working with us. I'm sure you don't get this sort of request every day, so please feel free to ask as many questions about the project as you may have.

You can see some of last semester's galleries here:

Thank you and congratulations!

-- Glenn

gzucman at csulb dot edu