Thursday, June 30, 2011

6 quick pics from Antwerp.

Last year after my show in Heerlen Holland, our good friends Thomas and Regina picked us up and drove us back to Ghent, Belgium. On the way though we stopped by a fair that was going on in Antwerp. These are the few quick pics.

Every chance Ed gets to shoot bows and arrows he takes! Maybe I should hook him up with one for his birthday.

Regina being well documented eating her cotton candy.

Monday, June 27, 2011

One more post from tour.

So I have a few more photos from last years tour, nothing too spectacular but hopefully good enough to share.

So I feel like I should explain why these photos are not as good as they could be, (but I'm still showing them anyway) I mean I think I could have really captured something here but my friend Leo decided without telling anyone that he was going to jump on the passing train. I unfortunately was sitting too close. I was watching the skating that was going down and when he decided to jump all I could do was press the shutter release and keep my fingers crossed. Well as you can see if I would've been about 20 feet back or so, I could have fit the whole scene in. You would hopefully have been able to see the whole train heading over a bridge which he hung on to as it passed over. I've have learned a great lesson though from this, always keep my eye on young Leo!

Skater gear. Bracelets, sunglasses, drugs, I-pods, cigarettes..


Thursday, June 16, 2011

Toy Tour 2010 Part 2

A few more photos, (actually I think 11) from tour.

Apparently the sticker wasn't big enough for everyone to sign on it so she had to move onto the next logical spot.

I wonder how long the kids leave these on for? It must be pretty funny going back to school with a sect on your face.

No drawings or autographs here, I just liked the bandage on his cheek.

Boobie saving bracelets.

Ed giving his fans what they want.

"Who was that?"

Just think, someday you, if you practice really hard, you might get sponsored and then turn pro and then instead of admiring the penmanship of other skaters you yourself will be able to scribble your name on female body parts! Yep, maybe someday..

And there's always the occasional dick on a dude.

Thanks for the memories!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Toy Tour 2010 Part 1

So late last year in November I was invited to come along on the Toy Machine tour. I'm always so excited when this happens, never taking the opportunity for granted.


Gimmie, Gimmie, Gimmie.

I love patches especially Crass's. This kid did not have that one though.

D.L. writing some words of wisdom.

Just checking, still there.

Part 2 tomorrow or the next day.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sardinia 2010 part 2

So part 2. From 2010. I have a few new photos from this years adventure to the island but that will have to wait until I separate my proof sheets..

The reason we went last year was because of Ed's show at the Museum MAN. Thank you MAN!

Ed and I worked really hard on his show so that we could take the weekends off and do some photo exploring.

Checking out the locals checking themselves out.

Checking out Regina and Thomas about to make out.

"Tell my momma I loved her.."

I'll follow this man anywhere!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Budapest, 2011

So, I'm back!! Back from a month long adventure to Europe. And instead of showing photos from this trip I'm sharing images from a trip I took to Budapest earlier this year for Ed's final leg of his European Museum tour! I'm not sure if that sentence made any sense? But hopefully you can figure it out.

There will be no stopping for this tourist!

One of the best parts of traveling is all the walking around we do.

Just shooting life as it walks on by.

Sometimes your noticed.

And other times you try not to disturb. (Security guy for Ed's show)

We came across a memorial tree for MJ.

The way I interpret the name of this beer is actually my thought of how beer tastes. Long live Kahlua!!