Thursday, June 16, 2011

Toy Tour 2010 Part 2

A few more photos, (actually I think 11) from tour.

Apparently the sticker wasn't big enough for everyone to sign on it so she had to move onto the next logical spot.

I wonder how long the kids leave these on for? It must be pretty funny going back to school with a sect on your face.

No drawings or autographs here, I just liked the bandage on his cheek.

Boobie saving bracelets.

Ed giving his fans what they want.

"Who was that?"

Just think, someday you, if you practice really hard, you might get sponsored and then turn pro and then instead of admiring the penmanship of other skaters you yourself will be able to scribble your name on female body parts! Yep, maybe someday..

And there's always the occasional dick on a dude.

Thanks for the memories!

1 comment:

S van said...

This blog is like a box of pralines.
Well selected and yummy all over.

Enough of that, back to routine and
let´s start bashing;

Today I realized that I never realized you use a flash.
Like what was I thinking? Ed´s holding a candle?
Maybe the b/w softens that typical flash roughness.
I don´t know.I´m just a peasent girl...

I remember a time when skateboarding seemed much more homophobic than it obviously is today.

Like the photo of Ed painting the bellybutton.Crazy.
That´s a great photo anyway.Like soon in a new book great.The cups filling the empty space in the back...
I just hope their redneck dads don´t see that..

Like I always said:
Skateboarding´s making the children gay;)