Friday, November 16, 2012

The last time I ever saw Fugazi play.

In 2001 Ed, our friend Geoff and I decided to drive out to Tucson Arizona to see Fugazi play a show and then afterward they could get some skating in.
After the show Ian encouraged me to come to a couple of more if I didn't have to get back home right away.
So, Ed and Geoff dropped me off at car rental place and I was ready to follow along for a bit. But then another friend of ours, who was also driving behind the band said he would pick me up from the rental place and to return my car. So I did. We caught up with Fugazi that night at a venue in Phoenix, Arizona called the Celebrity Theater. It was a great show, the stage in the middle rotated 360degrees. I think Joe expressed concern about getting dizzy playing in circles. No one got sick. These photos were not from that show. The next day we drove to Tuba City, Arizona to see them play at Grey Hills High School. This was the very last time I had the pleasure, the honor of seeing one of my favorite bands ever. April 13th, 2001. I don't rub it in much but Ed definitely blew it by not coming along with me!