Friday, September 7, 2007

Spin the bottle Birmingham, England style

To start off I never actually played spin the bottle when I was a kid, I was to scared... Though I did have fun watching my friends do it way back then. But now, 20 some years later I watched in amazement and shock. (Which shows because I didn't always have my camera focused. So some photos ended up blurry.) I guess I just don't remember back in my day when the bottle landed on two boys that they would actually kiss! Honestly I'm so old I don't think two girls back then would have kissed either! At least that's all they actually did at this game of spin the bottle. When I was a kid the ante was always upped when you landed on the same two people, like you would first kiss, just a little peck, then a tongue kiss, and then the two would have to get up and leave to go somewhere dark and secluded. Everyone thinks they were doing something really crazy, which is why I didn't want to play. Anyway, this is what I saw one day in Birmingham while all the guys I was with were skating.
To be young again....