Monday, May 24, 2010

Scratch My Name on Your Arm

Yes, I'm still alive! and yes, I still lag really hard at posting.. but with some encouragement from Ed here is a post about my recent show in Heerlen. I have to say I'm not that comfortable with openings, especially mine, but this was a lot of fun, it felt like I was among family. Hopefully now it wont take to long to post again but I wouldn't hold my breath. Anyway, all the "anonymous" commenters, err spammers, are having fun.

Thomas Caron from the SMAK Museum in Gent.

The Enablers played at the request of Chris Johanson, bumming out most people, but not all, with their loud heavy music.

People flooding in to check it out...

Ed took photos of me being interviewed.

Here and below some shots of the exhibition space.

The press release.

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