Wednesday, October 3, 2007

This past summer I went along on a RVCA skate/art trip. The art part was that Ed and I were in a group show at Anti Social. The skate part was that the team was going to go around and do demos and film. Thankfully they didn't send me home after the art show was over. So while traveling around I was shooting photos, along with Ed, Jimmy and Mike. I had a great time! I even added another year to my age.

Beautiful tattoos on a beautiful lady.

We saw one of these street perfomers on the ground after she fell. She looked embarrassed, it was to dark to take her photo.

There was a comedy festival going on in Montreal while we were there. I think these people were impersonating some great comedy troupe but I have no idea who?

Someone we were sharing the road with.

I love old people. Especially when they're wearing hats.

Ferry crossing to Victoria Island.

A photo I'm not sure if I should have taken.

A quaint little yard sale.

This girl brought back memories of when my bestfriend Ann used to dress like this, 22 years ago.