Wednesday, October 3, 2007

This past summer I went along on a RVCA skate/art trip. The art part was that Ed and I were in a group show at Anti Social. The skate part was that the team was going to go around and do demos and film. Thankfully they didn't send me home after the art show was over. So while traveling around I was shooting photos, along with Ed, Jimmy and Mike. I had a great time! I even added another year to my age.

Beautiful tattoos on a beautiful lady.

We saw one of these street perfomers on the ground after she fell. She looked embarrassed, it was to dark to take her photo.

There was a comedy festival going on in Montreal while we were there. I think these people were impersonating some great comedy troupe but I have no idea who?

Someone we were sharing the road with.

I love old people. Especially when they're wearing hats.

Ferry crossing to Victoria Island.

A photo I'm not sure if I should have taken.

A quaint little yard sale.

This girl brought back memories of when my bestfriend Ann used to dress like this, 22 years ago.


Cadet Jared said...

I'm glad you took it.

cyndi c. said...

my favorite is between the one of the old lady and "a photo I'm not sure if I should have taken". i think it's good that you took that photo. now he's not just an average guy sitting on the street. he's one that's been photographed by deanna templeton and he will be remembered.

Anonymous said...

you souldn't have taken it..........

skinnyGLASSESgirl said...

i like old people when they are holding cute.

Anonymous said...

Did you pay him for it?

Julie said...

on the picture you're not sure you should have taken....

I recognize this guy. I live in montreal, and I think most people who commute to school or work on the metro would recognize him, too. In the winter time he sits at the bottom of the guy-concordia metro elevators with his shirt off like this, and something on the ground for people to put change into. He never says anything (I don't even know if he's french or english), but he has a great presence that you can't help but notice. When I first moved to Montreal, it used to kind of disturb me to look at him, and simultaneously feel ashamed at myself for that feeling. I'm used to him now and every time I see him I think to myself that next time I will sit down and talk to him. But I never do. I wonder what he would think if he knew his picture was up here.
I don't know if you should have taken the picture. I think it might depend on why you took the picture. Or maybe not. I understand the strangeness you might feel about taking his photo. You feel guilty for looking because you can't look away but you wish you'd never seen it. He does absolutely nothing but to sit still and allow you to look. I wonder if he knows what he does.

I just stumbled upon this blog since I'm procrastinating writing a paper. We are complete strangers, but I think I've now stumbled upon a stranger who has stood in the same place as me before. So you should just know that there is a stranger out there that you've made feel incredibly and amazingly eerie with all of this.