Friday, November 27, 2009

I'm home.

Well I'm back, and basically just trying to get caught up on life back here in H.B. I haven't had a chance to go through my photo archives so I decided to post a little video from our trip. Hope you don't mind.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

So I'm leaving in a couple of hours...

So basically this is a post about art and artist. I'm leaving in a couple of hours to Europe. The trip is basically and art trip, seeing art, talking art and hopefully shooting stuff that will turn into art. I'll be back in two weeks. I probably wont be posting so I hope you check back in around November 26th..

Kicking off this post with a smootch, Chris Johanson and his beautiful wife Jo Jackson.

This is Dean and Randy from No Age. We are keeping our fingers crossed that they will be playing Ed's opening at the Smack next year in Ghent, Belgium. They ROCK!

This is Barry Mcgee, Clare Rojas and Asha. Barry is having an opening in L.A. on the 20th of this month, I think you can get all the details from the RVCA website.

This is Tim, he is the head hauncho of the Tim Van Laere gallery. Also taking Ed on an incredible art journey.

A little close up of Jim Goldberg's wall. I hope he doesn't mind that I shot this..

This is Sally Mann giving a talk in Copenhagen a couple of years ago, what a treat!

This is Mr. Aaron Rose, he basically kick started Ed's art career.

Mike Mills in front of his work in a show we were in in Milan.

Ed painting Mike Mills

A little portrait of Miranda July


Saturday, November 7, 2009

Ok, I have a good excuse why I stopped posting for a bit..

So my excuse is is that I've been under the weather with a cold and maybe a touch of the flu. Which means basically I just parked my butt on the couch for the last week taking vitamin C's, drinking water and smoothies and just trying to heal before I leave for Europe next week. But now I'm feeling better, (just coughing) so I thought I would post something considering there are a lot of nice people who comment here. THANK YOU! So this post is made up of a few photos from Copenhagen that tied in with my excuse. Though the first photo is just to show, (thankfully) that I didn't have to go the hospital.

This photo represents how I also just wanted to lay down where ever and when ever.

The cold/flu basically kept me in this stage, caught between the couch and actually doing stuff.