Monday, June 27, 2011

One more post from tour.

So I have a few more photos from last years tour, nothing too spectacular but hopefully good enough to share.

So I feel like I should explain why these photos are not as good as they could be, (but I'm still showing them anyway) I mean I think I could have really captured something here but my friend Leo decided without telling anyone that he was going to jump on the passing train. I unfortunately was sitting too close. I was watching the skating that was going down and when he decided to jump all I could do was press the shutter release and keep my fingers crossed. Well as you can see if I would've been about 20 feet back or so, I could have fit the whole scene in. You would hopefully have been able to see the whole train heading over a bridge which he hung on to as it passed over. I've have learned a great lesson though from this, always keep my eye on young Leo!

Skater gear. Bracelets, sunglasses, drugs, I-pods, cigarettes..


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Rama said...

Very good photos,i realy like this!!!