Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sardinia 2010 part 2

So part 2. From 2010. I have a few new photos from this years adventure to the island but that will have to wait until I separate my proof sheets..

The reason we went last year was because of Ed's show at the Museum MAN. Thank you MAN!

Ed and I worked really hard on his show so that we could take the weekends off and do some photo exploring.

Checking out the locals checking themselves out.

Checking out Regina and Thomas about to make out.

"Tell my momma I loved her.."

I'll follow this man anywhere!


S van said...

Red Ronnie.What a mellow vibe that guy´s has.
He definitely knows about the coyness of art..

The girlinthemrror.As seen on Ed´s blog?
Two steps to the right and on the count of 3.

As I mentioned sometime earlier, It´s interesting to see another perspective of these trips.And these photos always look classy.

Love, Sex, Americian Express?
All drugs.But Rock n Roll?

Wonder what boyband that girl´s thinking of.
Skinny puppy?

"Tell Momma I wanted a Toymachine..."

Oh dear, now you got me wasting my rubbish here.;

RVCA Deanna Templeton said...

Thank you S van! you can write your rubbish here anytime!