Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Driving around Los Angeles.

When Ed and I go up to LA to drop off our film or pick it up I usually do the driving. But on these days for whatever reason,(not wanting to drive up through traffic is the most common deal breaker for me.) I was seated in the passenger seat.

I know, I probably should have tilted the camera down a bit but I really wanted the K sign in the frame and well I couldn't yell at Ed to swerve away so I could get a better shot.

And then to swerve back so I could get closer.

Sometimes photos just need their space.


Anonymous said...

We wear blue, top managers wears tie.

josiah Herrera said...

Cool photos! I can't wait to go to L.A!

The Be Rad said...

I, too, am rarely a passenger. I revel in it whenever I am. Good bunch of photos - as always.