Thursday, September 15, 2011

Back to the East.

On top of my game again, photos from New York this year, 2011.

I knew I was only going to get one chance to shoot this lovely lady. Ed asked if I wanted to stop and photograph her again but I said "just keep walking".

Before Ed starting using Google maps this was our means of navigating around town. We have a pretty good collection of paper maps from our earlier travels, and though I'm feeling a little bit of nostalgia here nothing beats "Veg Out" the vegan food/restaurant locater on our I-Phone.

"Momma said knock you out" yep, went there. First one to admit that I am pretty cheesy.

Went and visited Mr. Richardson during one of his fashion shoots. They had a snack bar in the lobbyish area, they had soy and almond milk for smoothies. Pretty cool. I don't think I saw any models eating though, just smoking..

A view from from Mr. R's studio.

Another view from Mr. R's studio. The hotel we were staying in, (the Standard) is on the right hand side of this photo. The elevator for our hotel was over the top dumb.


Xen said...

hey Deanna!
rad photography i especially like the girl and Taylor the punk.

here's my fashion blog, shalom from Tel Aviv, Israel !

Aminata DG said...

I think I saw you and Ed walking near 8th ave last time you were in New York, I went to get some ice cream while I was waiting for a bus. You two are the best and always inspire me when I am doubtful of my photography.

All the best,