Thursday, August 25, 2011

Are you ready for 10?

These kids were super nice, so it might be a little douchey of me to say that I think any money they received would be better served on buying a shirt.

"What's the Crass lyric again? your the pornographic reassurance he's a man, yep that's it"

I don't think so.

This is Taylor, he's super cool and knows how to get great deals from Del Taco.

I also hated waiting around for my parents to finish dinner.

This is the second time I have shot someone receiving a foot massage downtown H.B. Just some random useless information.

What's going on here, well I'll tell you. This young woman decided to jump out of her friends car while it was waiting at a stop sign and grabbed a young man and just started to dance with him, didn't know him, didn't ask him, just started to dance. When she saw that her friends were about to drive on she ran back to get in the car. He ran after her, but she and her friends drove off laughing. Good times.


The Be Rad said...

The last picture and accompanying story are just too rad. <3

RVCA Deanna Templeton said...

Thank you!

christophe said...

One word : beautiful

Anonymous said...


The guy with the N.W.A shirt makes me wonder if someone already did a photo series about "third world" folks wearing used "first world" shirts.

Like in almost every portrait about kids living on dumping ground etc. you see someone wearing a band or company shirt.

Maybe in his case it stands for Nasty White Adult.
"And when you die you´ll become something worse than dead, you´ll become..." a tattoo.

I stopped being a fan when the "New Kids.."
broke up..But thank god, these tats last forever;
Could imagine I´m not the only one who´d love to see more photos more frequently...

S van