Thursday, October 21, 2010

I'm having a show! so you should come!!


melissa said...

I work Saturday nights, but I'm going to try to do some shift switching so I can be there!

fauxsure said...

I wish I was coming to California any time soon. Looks like an awesome show. Love your stuff.

Anonymous said...

Hello Deanna,
congrats on the opening.
Couldn´t be there, but I
saw your exhibtion in Heerlen.

I just truly enjoy your photographs
and the blog , as much I enjoy Ed´s
work and blog.( don´t tell him;)

And although I didn´t comment
here before , I do watch it and enjoy it
Like propably million others;)

all the best,
S van

edgarramos@amsterdam said...

:( theres no train going to LA from Amsterdam :(

filipa c said...
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filipa c said...

hello Deanna,
i found out about your work and ed's through beautiful losers, and i am so glad - i love your photography, especially your scratch my name on your arm project and about anything you shoot to do with kids-teens-olds, just people being people (and you make it come across fresh n' lively n' raw, which is so wonderful).
i'm from portugal and i want to visit the usa so bad, and the photos from your home city were a pretty cool visual trip for me.
all the best,

dk said...

I saw your exhibition in Germany and really like your way to draw pictures with your camera. I was looking for a catalog of "Scratch my name..." but still don't found any. Now, living just a few hundred miles north of Cali I'm really sad not being able to fly down to catch up one of the catalogs at LA. Will you sell any of them after the exhibtion? Would be glad to buy one - please let me know - thank you! //

Anonymous said...

Thanks everyone for the sweet compliments!
And dk, the book "Scratch my name" is being sold at the gallery, which you may be able to buy one from or in the spring of 2011 it should be hopefully in your local art bookstore.


dk said...

Great, I'll keep in touch with your blog!

fran said...

Deanna, I just went to your show. Amazing. So much sensibility. I used to like Ed's work for years but didn't know you work that much. Now, I think all the family is talented.