Thursday, November 18, 2010

So I went away again, but now I'm back.

I still have a ton photos from London to unload on this blog.

It's really weird but we always seem to be in London during great stretches of nice weather. I'm not sure if I've ever experienced a foggy London. Not that I'm complaining..

Ed stalked this guy too, I'm sure his photo is better.

I love when you can tell a kid was allowed to dress themselves hopefully even encouraged.

Stuck on a bus during a protest.


jgonzalez said...

I like the symmetry in the first photo. The older couple in the back throws it off a bit,but even their purses are mirrored.

London Cowboy.

I saw this little girl once wearing a thick hooded poncho.

Stuck on the bus, her face says "Get me the eff outta here".or maybe more "what am I gonna do about it?"

melissa said...

Beautiful, as always!
I used to have this student that would regularly wear a tutu to school. One day, she came in wearing a "dress" that was really a tank top of her mom's, with a rubber band tying it together to keep it from falling off. i'll never forget how big her smile was, walking through the door.

helen said...

All wonderful - black and white photos are so classy!