Saturday, October 16, 2010

Taking a little break from London

And giving you, (if there is a you out there) New York.


melissa said...

Hi Deanna! Just thought you should know. . . Christine and I were talking about how much we love your blog and your photography at Mother's today. Your photos are absolutely beautiful, and so are you.

J. SPEARS said...


underforeignsky said...

These pictures are great! My girlfriend lives in Manhattan so I spend a lot of time there, and you've really got some exceptional images of the city. The kid on the sidewalk is my favorite. That's something I'd never expect to see.

sock-team bro said...

Dear Deanna,

The Sock-Team would like to inform you that we've elected you figurehead of the Toy Machine Semiprofessional Sock Team (please see the header image of our blog). If you do not find this agreeable, please let us know and we will surely (albeit sadly) comply.

The Sock-Team

Anonymous said...

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