Sunday, September 27, 2009

Part 2 of my London photos

Lets see if you guys or whoever is checking this blog likes these photos better.


mathieu said...

hello deanna, i love the "mind the gap"!
houra from france!

queue, sí said...

I love the ladyfriends all dressed up for a night out (#3 & #4); it feels like your camera's given them the glamour-haze they long for.

These are all so...almost Weegee-esque? Beauty and mundanity and grit.

Jacob said...

The subway shots are beautiful!!!

And just for your information, I check your blog every damn day.

I was about to ask to take a photo with you at the Downtown Showdown, but you & Ed had just walked away... & I don't think Ed likes me at all.. haha.

Anonymous said...

Hello Jacob!
Thanks for checking my blog!
Have I met you before? You should've come over to us!
Where you there all day? What did you think of the results?

Jacob said...

You're welcome!
You have once, but it was over 4 years ago at a small demo... I was going to but you guys had just left & I was still talking to Austin.

I'm just glad the Toy guys fuckin' rip. They place 4th, correct? Billy was gnarly too..

& you?

Robert said...

I LOVE the one above the subway station. The one of the walking feet.

Vladimir said...

indeed deanna
street photography
so damn pure

Stevie Shakes said...

I like how content everyone on the subway looks. Hopefully you'll have some ANP shirts one day. Who doesn't like a white t shirt with a photo on it?


aaron said...

Lets get some gnar pics of Ed!

ed said...

I love your work!!!!!