Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Remembering childhood

Getting ready for the big recital in Long Beach.

Trying to find Sponge Bob in Huntington Beach.

Having a drink in San Pedro

Mini vampire in Barcelona before it became all trendy.

Playing dress up in Copenhagen

Being spat on in Chicago


gloss said...

Childhood is such a surreal, foreign country. You're really honouring that here.

The first Copenhagen one and the final Chicago spitting one are slipping right into my subconscious, like I dreamed them last night or something.

Raphael said...

this is really good. the "dress up in Copenhagen" could be a postcard or something

Jacob said...

I am still in love with the mouth on the wall... You did a great job with these, & I really like them!

Rubén B said...

They look like gandmas in San Pedro. It's funny.

Eggs McManus said...

Keep the post coming Deanna!
It's great to see you all fired up you wild blogger you.