Thursday, September 24, 2009

Images from my last trip to London, Part 1

"But not for you"

Have a mentioned these photos were taken only a week after having my pins removed from my right arm. Which made taking photos a little difficult, like not being able to hold the camera steady. Just thought you should know.

A little window perusing.

On this last trip we happened to be in town for St. George's Day. Though I thought this was some celebration for a winning football team. I was wrong.

Hopefully this wasn't a result from St. George's Day..


Jacob said...

What exactly is St. George's day? Like a July 4th for us?
For a fucked up arm, you took some damn good photos.

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Sam Taylor: Skateboarder/Illustrator said...

St Georges day is some big patriotic day where football hooligan dudes get drunk and celebrate our old empire. Being a rad art student I use it as an excuse to get more drunk than a usual Tuesday. Peace