Wednesday, May 29, 2013

2 days in San Francisco. Part 2

            So now it's been about a month and half since my trip to S.F.
                              The older you get the faster time flies.

                                             What would PETA do??


 Ok, this top photo was a total fail. Moments before this shot, I was waiting outside our friends studio to be rung in. As I was waiting I noticed this really happy/intoxicated lady walking down the street, almost dancing down the sidewalk, when she then decided to pull this mattress down in front of the mattress store to take a 15 second rest on it. At that moment I started to walk briskly/ almost a trot while trying to light meter and get my focusing ready. By the time I got up to her she had gotten up and pushed the mattress back. I for some reason still decided to shoot her. Force of habit.

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