Monday, May 6, 2013

2 days in San Francisco. Part 1.

So about 3 weeks ago Ed and I drove up to San Francisco mainly to be inspired by the Garry Winogrand show up at the SFMOMA. It was a success! If you have the chance and live within driving distance, (we drove 8 hours) this is a must see show. In the meantime here our some of my photos from that trip.
                                                       Performance art?

We also went and visited Pier 24, one of the most beautiful photography museums I've ever been to! Yes, you have to make a reservation, yes it's free, and best of all they only allow 20 people in per 2hours. So you have the space to really engage with the work, no looking over shoulders and shifting side by side with other visitors. This is the best way to look at art and the best place to do it!!

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mikey said...

I too have a photograph of the shoeless man at the Embarcadero.