Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Photos actually from this 4th of July.

So I'm not sure how my photo lab makes my color proof sheets. They always look a little on the crappy side, so when I scan the proof sheets for myself they look a little "eh". I mean there is such a big difference from the black and white proof sheets. Anyway, just keep in mind these were not scanned from the negs.

I wonder how many people gave her high-fives.

Post-op patriotism.

I asked and yes she has used them..

I hope everyone had a happy and safe 4th!


S van said...

Funny to see you're struggling with the same probs, we shavetails do.Well, do you?Proofsheets...pfff.
So you're only developing bw at home?
Color is tricky isn't it? Never tried just heard of.

All of this HB coverage is totally fascinating to me.
And pleasing for my older getting eyes.

Ed gets into surfing?Coverage please.
Especially him in these tight suits,
that make him look like some night time action hero;

S said...

Oh, btw. I use them, too.
We're talking breasts aren't we?

S van said...

Happy Birthday, Deanna, happy happy birthday!