Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy 5th of July!

Summer is here and in full affect! The 4th was yesterday and considering I don't own a digital camera photos shot from yesterday wont be processed until later this week. So here are some shots from last years 4th and a few from just some random summer days.

Last year there was a state bill trying to pass legalizing weed, it didn't pass.

So I shot this sweet couple last year during the 4th of July festivities downtown Huntington Beach and well I saw them again yesterday dress exactly the same with their two pups in tow! This time Ed shot them, I think better as well! But you will have to wait until he processes his photos.

Plenty of these characters downtown H.B. and now Ed might be joining them!

Not only can you find great surf where I live but you can also find Jesus!

And Paul Mitchell on the sand? U.S. Open coming in hot in August, cant wait!

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Anonymous said...

I truly LOVE your work. I find a lot in your work that appears to be real movement (of ideas and perhaps the personality of the people you photograoh) :-) Joe