Friday, March 6, 2009

Scratch My Name On Your Arm

I have an exhibition in Germany...

It's at the NRW-Forum in Dusseldorf, Germany
It will feature my series about people and their Body Autographs / logos.

Come see it if you can!


MiSSyy said...

Hey deanna!
hope you have fun!
and i hope your wrist is feeling good.
much lovee,

Anonymous said...

Post more please!

Eggs McManus said...

Hey Deanna
Good luck with the show in Germany
Hope your arm is better

Sara said...

Hey Deanna!

I work for FotoTV in Germany. Are you available for an interview in Dusseldorf???
That would be great!

You can write me:


tfortoys said...

bei lavori!

dejvicka said...

great photos! and i love your style.
what do you shoot with?

Anonymous said...

I shoot with a Mamiya 6 or a Leica M6 mostly...

Anonymous said...

I´ll be there!


hey deanna. great photos. looking forward to the show in düsseldorf. funny thing:
in the descriptional text about your show it is clearly pointed out, that your photos aim to critisize this "trend" of young girls offering their bodies for branding of big corporations. it says, that it questions the way young girls "use" their bodies in public.
i believe that was your intention, right?

now the sponsor of the show "" the major skateboard distributor of the country, offers people free entry and a chance to win a signed photo of yours - if they draw or spray the titus logo onto their bodies and send in a photo of it.

now, didn't they get the idea of it all or didn't they care?
I just thought you would like to know that.

great work, keep it up.
all the best.michael.

Anonymous said...


I didn't know that. I knew there was a contest, but I didn't know what people had to do...


I would say that I personally think it is weird to get a body autograph or logo, but I was not really trying to "Judge" people via these photos, just simply show that this phenomenon exists.

Perhaps in some of my interviews or the press release text I am not so eloquent in explaining my work, or whoever wrote it didn't get it.

But I hope this helps.

Thanks for pointing it out!



Hey Deanna.

Ok, this now clears it all up. The press text is totally clear that you mean it critically.
Thus I was really surprised about the contest. But since titus is weird, it was not such a big surprise.

Will you be at the show at any time?
Will I be able to buy your book or even the ones of Ed?

Thanks for answering.

chris said...

enjoyed your exhibition a lot. i think i´ll go a 2nd time.

Nils said...

Hi Deanna,
I am writing my dissertation about skateboarding subculture and lifestyle in Cologne. Today I heard about your exhibition in Dusseldorf and I was wondering if you are available for an interview or a small chat any time during your exhibition?!

Besides the dissertation, I am also writing for - an online extreme sports lifestyle magazine in which I am going to write about the exhibition, but which will also cover a story about RVCA soon...

So, I wish you good luck and great success with your exhibition in Dusseldorf, looking forward to visit the show soon!

Nils (

Michelle said...

I LOVE your work. You have become one of my biggest inspirations! Please post more and more often! I would love to see what you have been up to lately!

garry said...

I just purchased a copy of Your Logo Here.

ricardo martins said...

yeah, good fotos here
they're like 5 or 6 but just one is enough to see the magic
keep it up
love, ric

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