Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Berlin. Wish I could live there.

 So I believe these photos of a man getting pegged, smashed with donuts is some kind of bachelor party ritual? I think, that's what I came away with. Especially because it was all guys coaxing this on.

 The top photo was shot in 2011, there is now a building standing where this heart once was.
         This man got me above 3000!! My heart will remain with him.
Until next time. 


Anonymous said...

you can live here! I do! but you'd miss taking photos at the pier ;-)

Deanna Templeton said...

No way!! I would love to shoot something other then the pier everyday!!

tjnelsonjr said...

I love these Deanna. Thanks for sharing!. I get so pumped when you post stuff

Deanna Templeton said...

Thanks tjnelsonjr!!

Azul Cruz said...

Berlín, through your lense looks great, though, what's truly going on with tied up guy?