Thursday, June 26, 2014

Summer time = Catalina. It's ON!

Soon the island will come into our sights as the mainland fades away.

 And then as fast as our legs can walk, well Ed walks, I trot, we are off the  Express ferry, heading straight to Joe's Rent a Boat to start our adventures.
 And usually we head right away to frog rock so Ed can get his jump on while I stress and grow new gray hairs.
 The rest of the photos are in no particular order.
 Hopefully we will see more of these little guys, I always feel that when we see dolphins that that day is going to be a good day.

                                                    More good times.

                                        Maybe flew over from H.B.??

              I think by this point I was so excited that I was crying.

                No one else I would rather share these memories with.
           A perfect way to end the day. Well this and a sabrosa bebida!


Bueno Power! Photography..... said...

man.. you guys live it up hard

Deanna Templeton said...

We try!

TJ Reynolds said...

Ed on the air mattress, preeeettty precious! said...

We can't wait!

Caroline Palla said...

beautiful!!!! I also cried when I saw a whale for the first and so far only time at muir beach, california. first I screamed, then I cried