Thursday, May 8, 2014

Sorry, I didn't catch your name.

All photos were shot in Zurich, Switzerland 2013.


jed walters on 101 said...

At first I flew over these pictures. Then I started again from the beginning. Captivating stuff - keep up the good work Mrs.T :)



Anonymous said...

hey deanna,
i'm a london based photographer and fashion editor and huge fan of your work, putting a zine together at the moment and was wondering if you'd be interested in contributing. what's the best email address to contact you on so i can send you some more info? or just email me on and i'll get straight back to you. thank you!! britta x

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Deanna, who are some of your influences when it comes to photography? Are you conscious of their work when taking photos or does the scene direct the style of shot you're trying to go for?

I'm also very curious about when you started taking pictures? The Fugazi ones have to at least be 11 years old right?

Your pool series is very special to me, I'm excited for the book to come out. Thank you.

Deanna Templeton said...

Who are you anonymous?