Thursday, September 27, 2012

Just walking around.

I absolutely love when I come across kids wearing Crass shirts, especially when they don't have a mohawk. Main Street to the pier, Huntington Beach. 2012


Jgonzalez said...

Crass t-shirts are cool but I feel like if I were to wear one It would make shopping at a store like Target or buying groceries that aren't organic or GMO free an awkward experience. Even whipping out my iPhone to check self gratifying things like Instagram or Facebook would make me feel guilty. Mostly what I wonder is it ever possible for anybody to live up to the social standards that their music sets. Like baking your own bread and not feeding into mega corporations or is the only way to wear a shirt and not be a hypocrite is to be a wandering crust punk that lives off of berries they find int he forest.

Grant said...

God, these rule Deanna!