Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Went away again,

This time I went to Barcelona, (Ed had to shoot something for the New York Times style mag travel issue!) Glasgow, (our first time, and we LOVED it!) and then London.
The photo up above is actually an old photo shot from a parking garage rooftop in downtown San Diego. I just thought it worked well for this post.
This photo of Big Ben wasn't from this trip, actually all the photos from this post were shot from a previous trip we took last November. We just dropped off our film yesterday to get developed and won't get the proof sheets back until this Friday.
I'm usually behind anyway...
Banksy did a giant reproduction of the board game Monopoly for London's version of Occupy Wall Street.
The tents and Rich "Uncle" Pennybags are there no more.

This photo would've been a 100 times better if I would of waited for a train to come along in the background. Oh well.


guz said...

ye! looking forward to the more recent shots

James Rowley said...

Great! Vintage Photos are really one of a kind. It shows the package of the history and features the time that they represent. I'm wondering how this great images looks like if the Nikon D3200 were invented in their time. I think more emotions and stories will rise up from there.