Monday, November 21, 2011

I'm back!

So we just returned home from our 20 year wedding anniversary trip and it was wonderful! 1. I was with the man I love 2. We traveled around Belgium, France and England and 3. The weather was amazing! no rain, no snow, maybe a little crisp but who cares, did I mention I was with the man I love!

So here are a collection of photos from London. Not from this trip. We haven't made it to the lab yet to drop off our film. These images are from our trip in May. Which I just remembered had a couple of rainy days on us. God, I'm sounding so obsessed by rain. I actually like the rain when I'm at home, like yesterday it rained all day and I loved it. I just parked my butt on the couch and played scrabble and watched old Kitchen Nightmares.

So like in earlier posts, I like to shoot legs in London. It's usually part of our night time walk, we seek out legs and chase them down. London has never failed us until now. Young women have finally reached the logical conclusion that when its cold out side, like 6 degrees C you wear tights or pants. I shot one pair of legs, sad for me but proud of the young English women.

Inside the Tate Modern. One of our favorite museums.

Looking outside from the Tate Modern, one of our favorite walks.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

This is what I'll be leaving.

If your thinking the title sounds a little sad well it's because today the temperature reached 81 and well where we're heading is going to be in the high 50's and rainy. The temperature thing actually doesn't bother me, I feel pretty prepared for the cold, probably over prepared. It's the rain that's getting me a little down. We do have some shows we want to check out but a lot of our time is spent walking, that's what we love to do, walk and shoot photos. But when it's raining it makes it a lot harder for me to shoot. Ed has no problem with whatever mother-nature brings him, I on the other hand at just the slightest hint of a sprinkle the camera goes into my waterproof purse that gets zipped up. Making it really hard for spontaneity. You know what, I should stop complaining and just be thankful for the opportunity to travel, to be celebrating our wedding anniversary and for living in a place with wonderful year round weather.

I am very thankful for the people who make sand penis's.

I wonder what her favorite song is?

I'm thankful for the kids who loiter on the corners of downtown H.B.

I'm thankful for the couples who display youthful public affection.

I'm thankful for the guy just going for it rollerskating in a g-string.

I'm thankful for people with different views from me having a sense of humor.

And most of all I will be thankful for the rain because without it maybe I wouldn't appreciate all this beautiful sunshine.