Monday, November 21, 2011

I'm back!

So we just returned home from our 20 year wedding anniversary trip and it was wonderful! 1. I was with the man I love 2. We traveled around Belgium, France and England and 3. The weather was amazing! no rain, no snow, maybe a little crisp but who cares, did I mention I was with the man I love!

So here are a collection of photos from London. Not from this trip. We haven't made it to the lab yet to drop off our film. These images are from our trip in May. Which I just remembered had a couple of rainy days on us. God, I'm sounding so obsessed by rain. I actually like the rain when I'm at home, like yesterday it rained all day and I loved it. I just parked my butt on the couch and played scrabble and watched old Kitchen Nightmares.

So like in earlier posts, I like to shoot legs in London. It's usually part of our night time walk, we seek out legs and chase them down. London has never failed us until now. Young women have finally reached the logical conclusion that when its cold out side, like 6 degrees C you wear tights or pants. I shot one pair of legs, sad for me but proud of the young English women.

Inside the Tate Modern. One of our favorite museums.

Looking outside from the Tate Modern, one of our favorite walks.


lunch said...

the shape of that bridge is amazing! its like a space spider

garry said...

The tangle of arms in the trio is amazing. I've been noticing hands and arms.

onasofaunderthestars said...

Great photos :) always enjoy your posts. You are an inspiration x

RVCA Deanna Templeton said...

onasofaunderthestars thanks for the kind words.