Thursday, December 8, 2011

A fast blast from the past.

So 10 years ago this month Ed and I drove to San Francisco to watch Brian Anderson receive Thrashers Skater of the Year Award. These are a couple of photos from that night.

Chad Muska, Brian Anderson and my man of the hour, Ed.

BA slipping away, Ed and Brad Staba.

Just for the record considering I wasn't able to get a photo of this, after the festivities Ed and I drove Mike Maldonado back to his place that night. Mike and I had to cram together in the front passenger seat as the back of the van was packed full. Mike like everyone else that night was drunk. So drunk that he puked out the window, hitting the mirror and the door. Good times, great friends, awful smells..


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I second that awesome and add a touch of rad!

colincompany said...

ohh man he's so gone and looks so happy! those are great photos, hahhahah


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Hi Deanna!