Monday, October 10, 2011

Making up for last week.

So I didn't post anything last week, I got lazy. Maybe I'm just getting "everyone" who comes here prepared for my up coming lack of posting when I leave for almost a month to Europe. I will try to post when I can, when we get some down time, but it's definitely going to be spotty...

But until I leave enjoy some sights from good ole H.B.

Every time I see one of these little hiltler Obama talbes I day dream about taking a photo, (a color digi photo) of the person who sets this table up, run home, print up a picture, write something totally outlandish, like this person is a "child molester", stand next to the person and see how they like having a total lie printed about them.

Ok, enough of that, lets have some fun!

I know, I spazzed and tilted the camera, the horizon is totally off. But I still like the photo.

If only I had Grant Hatfield's wit.


Lunch said...

sometimes breaks from everything makes everything better

Anonymous said...

Switch your mobile on.

Ryan said...

What you should do is carry around a sweet looking mustache stencil and fix the posters.