Saturday, April 16, 2011

OC Fair, the land of corn on the cob.

And grandmas and sponge bob.

Grown men and stuffed animals.

A little spy shot from up above.

If they could only combine these foot massage machines with their rental rascals...


insomnia said...

Love your images... and a big fan of you and Ed work.
Question do you ask people before you take their picture or you just go for it?

RVCA Deanna Templeton said...

It really just depends. If I want a portrait I generally ask. But if you look at the post below this one I think I asked the older gentleman if I could shoot his photo but because he spoke Spanish and I don't shot I thought I could just shoot him but as you can see he wasn't really into it... Glad you like my images though! Thanks.

Ed Templeton said...

More people should comment here!

Grant said...

I like the title rhyming with the first caption.

The key girl gave you an epic pose.

You can almost see the spit flying from light saber baby's mouth as he stabs the air.

[s] said...

Awesome as always, Deanna.Totally awesome.
Like every picture is on point, always the right
timing,angle...great situations.
Sometimes hard to believe you "just snap" em.

And yes, we need to lay off our shyness and
wash our filthy mouths and comment here more