Saturday, March 26, 2011

How about a local post?

It's kind of funny that he's getting busted for j-walking.

Luckily this kid didn't have to use his superpowers on the next photo.

What's crazy though at one time he must of felt the swastika tattoo was a good idea?? I mean it looks like an after thought having it crossed out. Better late then never..

I wish I would see more of these shirts than the ridiculous ones saying "miss me yet?"

So next week H.B. will hosting the annual Paint Ball tour, can't wait! Kids will once again be getting their foreheads signed and I will be there to capture it.

I don't know any of the lingo for paint ballers so I'm not really sure what she is selling.

Yesterday Ed and I took our daily walk around downtown H.B. and a bit of surprise to us there were young metal kids everywhere! What's even a bigger surprise to me though is I didn't shoot one single photo of them.. WTH! (the H is for heck)


melissa said...

"WTH" you're amazing!

Ed Templeton said...

I have heard you say Hell! Saying Hell does not send you to Hell. Why would I even capitalize hell?

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