Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Back to London.


I lurked on this couple for a few photos. It's weird that they never felt someone just standing there in the daylight photographing them. Lucky me.

I know you can't see it, but this lady just cleared her throat and spit. I caught the action but not the actual spit. Still pretty happy.


ryan said...

i didn't even notice the lady spitting.

i was to busy looking at background lady's face.

Brian McElmurry said...

Cool pictures. You probably use film and a dark room. Or can this be achieved digitally.

Anonymous said...

Hello Brian,
Yes, these are film photos though I did scan the proof sheets to post these photos.

Dan Boulton said...

love it when other photogs make you want to re-explore your own city with outsiders eyes.

my dream is to one day meet you and Ed and say hello...

check my blog if you the time...


gordon.holden. said...

deer deanna,

i like what you do. it is amazingly magical.

things to like.
things to dislike.