Monday, September 6, 2010

Random Ghent photos 2010

But not randomly in Ghent.

So back in May of this year, we spent about a month in Ghent, Belgium. Ed was having a HUGE show there at the SMAK museum. By the way it went off!! and if you weren't lucky enough to make it there to see it, sorry.. But anyway, I have some photos while we were there, walking around and what not, so I'm thinking why not share them here. Maybe even spread them out to make a few posts..

I'm not sure if he was feeling being photographed right then.


Richard said...

Was that elderly gent a Nazi? Or am I seeing things?

cJb said...

Nazi or not, I do like his wonderful hat!

Anonymous said...

wonderful shots!
Agathe from Paris

Chrisp Photog said...

The wall with the heart photos and Half Ed are awesome.