Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Its almost that time of year again!

For the Orange County Fair! The fair I think happens in July so until then here are some photos from past visits.

Shot this lovely young women while she was eating, I'm not sure what though?

The Ferris Wheel of my fears.

And jugs with jugs, though if this fair painting was at a European fair her shirt would either be see-thru or just the nipples would be cover.


Grant Hatfield said...

Look! you shoot excellent in low light!

Honkmofo said...

I love your work!

Robert said...

You can actually kinda see her nipples, like someone painted them on first to see what it would look like.

Stephanie CagNinja said...

Just read your article in my New Juxtapoz! Def admire you and your work. It has inspired me to put more thought into picture taking. And to bring my camera with me EVERYWHERE!

Thanks and keep of the great work

Anonymous said...

you should come up to santa barbara next weekend for the summer solstice festival..it is delightfully terrible and filled with elaborate characters and things you only need to see once a year or ever..i would love to see the images you take home..hope the world is treating you well.