Wednesday, January 20, 2010

How about some views from a train.

I think this lady was feeling the sign inside the rest area.

I on the other hand was relating to this sign.

The best view though was sitting right across from me!


ed_from_holland said...

i think it spells fair-kebab-bar in moslim whats written down here :')

thetick said...

hi deanna!
may i ask what camera ed is holding? is it a lumix lx3?

i'm from singapore and we just had 'beautiful losers' screened here for the first time at a design film festival. it was brilliant, i think the entire audience was very inspired after watching it.


poops said...

Aww,how sweet.
lil eddy.

shaneteal said...

crazy that ed has an LX3 i have one and skate, create, follow toy machine blog and his art etc.. good choice. love'm

Emma Lynne said...

i just wanted to say i watch beautiful losers way too many times a day and you're a hero and so is your husband and it's really great that you have this blog because it makes you really accessible just like i imagine all art should be and i really appreciate that.