Tuesday, October 6, 2009

No faux hawks here.

When I was growing up I absolutely loved the hairstyle that Annabella Lwin of Bow Wow Wow was sporting, which just happened to be a mohawk. Not an up sprayed spikey kind, no hers was always laying down.


browntown said...

I love your photos Deanna, I just found out about your site and Eds very recently and have been going through all of his archives on his blog and have found both yours and his to be very inspiring.
please keep posting your stuff is rad.

Michelle said...

I love the free and fun feeling I get when looking at your photographs. I am so glad you decided to start posting again! Please don't ever stop! :] You are a huge inspiration to me.

Eggs McManus said...

Annabella is king. Haircut and all.

Jacob said...

I wanted a mohawk SO bad in up until I realized I'd look like a douche with one.

Is that a white guy throwing up a gang sign? Did Ed tell them that he's from Garden Grove...?

Stevie Shakes said...

It's amazing how Mohawks went from "dom and dangerous" to "cute and annoying".