Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Growing up female


ann s. said...

I was just trying to express to my gf what I respond to so *deeply* in your photos, and I think it's that you're looking at women just being themselves, often with friends, without any intervening pornification/male gaze/majoritarian bullshit.

These are gorgeous, especially the three ladies with their boards.

RVCA Deanna Templeton said...

Ann S.
You have made my day!!!

garry said...

great set of pictures. I agree with Ann. Thanks Deanna.

Duncan Clarke said...

Hey Deanna! I really admire your work. Its wonderful. I had been a fan of Ed's stuff for some time too. You both capture the world in a kind of way that shows it for how it really is. (be it Ed's seems a bit darker at times) Life is how we perceive it first a foremost. And where one day we wont enjoy a task or activity the next day we will. Whether its sports, writing, music or simply walking too the shops for a pint of milk on a cold Autumn morning.(isn't that great!!) Life can be an ambiguous wee thing depending on our state of mind and perceptions on any given day. I find your photos capture that quality. And that stirs real emotions. love it!
Can I ask you, when you shoot a spontaneous shot of someone with out asking before hand, do you ever get angry responses? And how do you deal with the situation if it arises?
The one of the paraplegic outside the shop.. Its a very moving photo. Did you worry the guy might take offense if you took it?
I only ask because I'd like to shoot images of this sort but don't have the confidence yet to just shoot strangers at random.
Sorry for ranting soo long, I probably made no sense!? :/
You and Ed are a beautiful couple! Keep up the great work! x x

Jacob said...

It was hard for me growing up as a female...


Jacob said...

It was hard for me growing up as a female...


Raphael said...

yo, ur killin it, again,
saw some of your books at this awesome photography bookstore in Paris. the owner said he knows you and ed.

Vince said...

probably the best post so far

Vladimir said...

love your pictures deanna, but i would like to se more text, just a nudge
i know that there something more

Robert said...

I love the subject. "Growing up female." I know you have a few books out, but do any of them cover this topic specifically? If not, then I think this would make an excellent book.

RVCA Deanna Templeton said...

Hello Duncan Clarke,
Thank you for your comments. I definitely have had angry responses when I was trying to shoot someone spontaneously! The worst one ever was when I was shooting some ladies in Russia selling flowers. Actually I motioned like I was asking, considering I don't speak the language and none of them spoke English. Anyway, the first two ladies I motioned to just sat there so I took this as a go a head if you must shoot us, but the third lady stood up and started yelling in Russian and people started to look at me, so I just walked off, quickly.. completely embarrassed. Other then that if someone catches me, I usually just smile to make it seem less harsh. As for the paraplegic I was worried about shooting him, I definitely didn't want to offend him in anyway. I just wanted to try to capture the moment and then share what I had seen. Considering the photo is blurry I probably didn't have the camera up to my face, it was probably low on the side of my body. He possibly looked over because I was with a group of skaters skating by. I think everyone has a tough time and some sort of struggle shooting strangers spontaneously. If you didn't I'm not sure you would feel anything through the photos, like if a person is totally clueless to social awkwardnesses I think there would be a void in the photo. I think the tension the photographer is having taking the photo being either intense or subtle really matters. If there's none then what are you trying to say? See, now who's ranting!!! and probably not making any sense!!!
Hello Vladimir,
See what happens when I start to write! I just ramble on and on..
Hello Robert,
Thank you for commenting. I am actually thinking of doing something with this subject. I was thinking of show ideas first but would absolutely love to make a book in the future. This subject is very dear to me.

Anonymous said...

really cool photos, would it be pretentious to say neo-beatnik?

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Chrisp Photog said...

A whole series of this in a book would so rad. I'd buy it. Great photos Deanna!