Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Some random sights from my home town

The house in the middle frame was our first house..

There's this unregulated park behind our house called Hidden Valley. My husband has been documenting this place for years. One day I decided to take a few snaps with my half frame camera. I like what came back.

Just a regular summer day in Huntington Beach.

Jaws on Main Street.

I believe this man was enjoying the U.S. Open.


Richard said...

Hi Deanna

I love your photos!

What kind of half frame camera are you using

Jacob said...

HB bums are gnarly.
Any in Hidden Valley?

HB in the summer... No thanks.

Amazing photos, Deanna.
Thank you for capturing daily life, & making it beautiful.

RVCA Deanna Templeton said...

Hello Richard,
the half frame camera is a Olympus Pen.

And hello to Jacob,
I think sometimes there are homeless people in Hidden Valley, though the city has been coming around lately and cleaning up the place.

Thanks to you both for the kind words about my photography.

Jacob said...

Well, that's rad of the city to do, seeing as the kids throw & break their beer bottles & litter til the ground is no longer dirt..

Where exactly is Hidden Valley. I've seen Ed post about it..

Eggs McManus said...

Great snaps of the homes.
They have a look rooted in love but also feel like looming foreclosures.

Richard said...

I have a Olympus pen ee3.
Want a Pen F or FT

Agathe said...

Piture 4 looks like Martin Paar Photos i like it