Thursday, September 3, 2009

In 2007 I was fortunate enough to find myself in Russia

If you would like to see more from this trip, the kind people at RVCA and Emerica helped me publish a book called 17 Days. It's a photo book that documents my trip to England, (the photos of the kids playing spin the bottle on this blog are in there) Germany,Copenhagen, Malmo and Russia. I believe you can still purchase this book through the RVCA website. Or Arcana Books, one of our favorite art books stores in Santa Monica, California. Ok, that's enough plugging my book, but seriously check it out, buy it!


Gonzo Youth said...


Hey, I write for Dazed and Confused (U.K) Fashion magazine and want to do an article on you. The magazine is one of the biggest in Europe and has a Korean and Japanese Translation. If you want to talk email me,

Love your work. Evan Goodfellow

Stokke said...

Great batch of photos! That old lady doesn't look like a happy camper.

aaron said...

love the lady with flowers-

Stevie Shakes said...

It's a wonderful book of photos. I love how much youth is involved in your work. Looking forward to your next book!

-Stevie Shakes

Douglas Stockdale said...

Deanne, I will be writing a book review for photo-eye (Santa Fe) and another more in depth for The PhotoBook ( I need to swipe, Opps, have one time use, for the blog, what's the best way?

Douglas Stockdale (another left coast photographer)

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