Thursday, September 10, 2009

Barcelona, one of my favorite places to shoot.

The famous market on La Rambla is always a cool place for photos and to grab a bite to eat.

One day wondering around we happened upon what we thought was a protest of some sort. Shooting protests are usually really exciting. But this one we found out in a matter of a minute was scripted, being filmed for some movie.. as you can see the microphone in the shot. I still wanted to shoot it though, good practice.

We were lucky enough one night to catch some religious procession. I think it might have been for Easter. I'm not sure what was more beautiful the floats or the music.


Eggs McManus said...

I miss Barcelona.
Ironically the last time I was there my camera got stolen!

Raphael said...

Hey Deanna, you're good at this photography thing.

garry said...

Thanks for updating Deanna.

Some new images from me: